10 thoughts on “The New Album!

  1. This album is tasty in the sonic sense. I randomly stumbled across it before most people knew it was out. How cool am I? I feel like the Christopher Columbus of comedy – only without the syphilis.

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  3. ‘Chicken Monkey Duck’ is my new mantra.

    Mike, if you need me to make buttons for some Phirm Merch, I will do you right! Give me a msg on the Twitter @nerdrage42

  4. @Gina: Thanks Gina! I don’t think there will ever be a “Part 2″—I’ve decided to only make prequels (e.g. “Part 1/2”, “Part 1/4″,…”Part 1/n-1”).

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  6. I play this for all my friends, and we all end up with the same desire. Dear Jeebus please let Mike release these tracks for Karaoke.

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