Face-to-Face w/ “Weird Al” (featuring…)

If you missed it, “Weird Al” Yankovic has a show over on the Nerdist YouTube channel called Face to Face. In this episode, Al interviews William H. Macy. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but… just watch it, and act surprised at around minute 8:40!

After watching this one, do what I’d do and WATCH THEM ALL!

2 thoughts on “Face-to-Face w/ “Weird Al” (featuring…)

  1. That was fantastic! So great to hear something new from Al, especially with real, non-auto-tuned background singers. I would love to hear more of that old-style Weird Al vocal harmony on his next album, though based on what’s been on his last few I’m not holding my breath. There’s little that’s musically sweeter than good vocal harmony.

    So does this mean that you’re part of the crew and/or a producer for Al’s Nerdist show?

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