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  1. Mike –

    Laughed out loud at your new lp. Good job. ‘Clear the Floor’ hits a little too closely to our ‘Masters of Song Fu’ material, in that we’d have the same result. Good luck and major success!

    and if you need a laugh, he’s a link to our ‘Tennessee & Chumley worship the Devil’ audio play. Ken Plume’s still speechless about it, but I’m guessing it’s because he missed the tweet.

  2. Online Horcruxes Mike? Does this mean you’ve decided to become the online version of Lord Voldemort? I’d avoid kids with black hair, glasses and lightning bolt shaped scars =P
    Still absolutely love the album! And I am well on my way to memorizing it…is the test multiple choice?
    Let us know when we can buy physical copies of the album!

  3. Outstanding work sir, there’s not a weak track on the album and it sounds fantastic too!

    I was thrilled to see that not only was Chicken Monkey Duck included on the album, but that the video is available as well. I was lucky enough to see you and Mr. Hardwick in Chicago last fall and seeing Chicken Monkey Duck performed live was very impressive indeed.

  4. Dude, you album rules! I laughed my ass off! I’m pushing all my friends to buy your album, and i’m hoping to hear more from you in the future!

    Keep up the good work and making people smile! Lots of laughter from the Netherlands!

  5. @Chris Brainard: Thanks, Chris! Very nice of you to write. The Lakeshore—what a fun show that was! Can’t wait to get back to Chicago. See you then!

    @Freddie Leeman: Dude! Dank u! I’d like to think it’s an album that could go well with “frikadellen”. Thanks for sharing it with your friends!

  6. Whow crap, you’ve been to The Netherlands? That’s awesome! When is the first European tour coming!? Ohw and bring Weird Al too! I’ll buy you guys all the Frikadellen you can eat, promise!

    Groeten uit het prachtig zonnige Nederland!

  7. Sir, enjoying the music. My wife demanded I make a disc immediately of “Chicken Monkey Duck” for her to play in her special ed classroom. And do I detect an homage to Napoleon the 14th in “One for Them”?

  8. @Dustin: That’s great! I hope they have fun with it. Though I’ve loved that song since I was a kid, “One for them…” isn’t a conscious nod to “They’re coming…”. (I get it, though—they do both sound… unhinged!)

  9. When she got home: “Hey, check out the video for Chicken Monkey Duck.”
    “I’ve listened to that song 20 times today. Where’s the video?”

  10. Damn! “Clear the Floor” Choked me up with Nostalgia! Great Job!
    “Chicken Monkey Duck” is now my niece’s favorite song. Played at least 15 times daily!
    “Thanksgiving Dinner”.. ahh… well… I don’t know why, but I like it too.
    Please don’t ever make another album. This one’s just too Great!
    p.s Might You have a Public Stock I can Inquire on?

  11. @thomas it’s what I would do!
  12. @UnrealRoshambo: Seems like a good dude. Hope he doesn’t mind if my life’s path may result in people asking him, after hearing his name, “wait, the chicken monkey duck guy?”
  13. @Clifton Seay: God help us, you are welcome! The zombie pronunciation may be more Latin American than Iberian, just so you know. (If you’re trying to blend in with zombies from Madrid, they may look at you weirdly… and then eat you weirdly.)
  14. @Dylan: I am absolutely glad you are. Thanks!
  15. @Emmy…Tamayo: First, congratulations on your award! Second, glad to hear the music is hitting home. Thirdly, I will try to avoid recording anything ever again (though I am a terrible avoider). And lastly, the only stock in the market I am associated with is VEGETABLE STOCK—WHO’S WITH ME!! SOUP JOKES?! No? Nobody? Fair enough.
  16. Mike, how can I get a copy of the CD? Unfortunately I can’t make it to the CD release party as I live in Louisville, Kentucky. (please no incest jokes)

  17. DUDE I LOVE YOU! come to Chicago i demand it and actually name your second son RT Mike Phirman. Were all praying he doesn’t get that weird 12 fingered gene you have… LOVE THE ALBUM AND YOUR EPISODE OF COMEDY CENTRAL STAND UP! and your appearances on the nerdist podcast. the song in super high me. you should make your own wikipedia page (there’s only one for hard ‘n phirm). thank you for everything!

  18. Going on the joco cruise. discovering your work in prep. incredibly impressed. Do Just What I Say is now in every playlist I make for my four year old. brilliant.

  19. @Brig: Thanks, Brig! Wow, you haven’t missed a joke! Thanks for all the ALL CAPS support. Hope to be in Chicago soon. Thank YOU!

    @SaintTardamus: I’ll see you on the high seas! Glad you like “Do Just What I Say”—I’ve yet to see a child dance to it, but I think it would be funny. (Be a fun video to make, too, with one or two little kids as the robbers.)

    @John: It is now authorized!

  20. Mike (cool name!)
    I LIKE it, your material is fresh, funny and quite ‘fectious (it works, kinda).
    If you need/like/want exposure I’d be glad to play you on the show.
    I’m always on the look out for new and improved and you fit the bill.
    Keep up the great work!


  21. We saw you at the UCB on the 24th.. You’re awesome! We have told everyone we know about how great your set was. Thanks for the laughs!

  22. @pensworth: That is incredible. I… I just… what can it all mean??? (That is an awesome coincidence.)

    @Nick: Thanks, Nick! I really appreciate the friendly publicity. Hope to see you again soon.

  23. Hi, Mike!

    Greetings from Australia and thanks for the great music. I grabbed “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Write (Part 1)” after it was name-dropped on Nerdist. Loved it all, especially ‘Do Just What I Say’ (Wiggles + Armed Robbery = Awesome) and ‘One For Them & One For Me’ (Gilbert & Sullivan-esque patter Tom Lehrer would be proud of).

    Now the shameles fanboy squeeing is done, I actually have a question about ‘One For Them & One For Me’. I’m involved with a local theatre company (Canberra Repertory Society. Google us, we’ve been around for 77 years or so), and in the middle of the year they are putting on a comedy/cabaret revue called “Jazz Garters”. I played ‘One For Them & One For Me’ for the director and he loved it and by now you’ve probably worked out where this is going.

    The inevitable question then becomes, could we possibly include ‘One For Them & One For Me’ in Jazz Garters? The director (Jim McMullen, for Googling purposes) would love to have the song in the show (I think he’s already worked out who he’d want to do it). I’ve no idea how you normally work rights/permissions or whatever, and woudl probably need to put you in touch with the Rep office if money starts to get involved, but as the guy what had heard the song and played it for the director (and as a fanboy with squeeing potential), I put my hand up to contact you.

    If it’s completely impossible for some reason (international rights, record co. permissions, inherent racism toward Australians, whatever) we will of course perfectly understand, but if it can happen that would be awesome.

    Please let me know either way, and thanks again for the great music.


  24. Mike just wanted to let you know that my child is obessed with chicken monkey duck, I think we added 1000 hits to it on youtube. We are now having a chicken monkey duck themed first birthday party!!

  25. Mike…I was at the Showbox last night and wanted to apologize for the rough reception you got to start your show. Screw the passive aggressive yuppies in this town. I really enjoyed it and felt your “chicken monkey duck” song was absolutely brilliant!

  26. @Brent: Thanks, dude! I’m not great with writing tab, but I think it’s pretty much just going back and forth between these:



    Hope that helps. Have fun!

  27. Dear Nicest Person On Earth,

    It was lovely seeing you return to JCCC! You have earned at least a +4 to your Dallas fan club (of which I’d gladly serve as President if the position is available) as a result. My friends can’t stop talking about how great your show was! It was certainly a highlight of our trip. We hope you’ll visit Dallas soon!

    Also, I completely forgot to tell you how awesome you are on Learning Town! I love it! Hope to see much more of it soon!

    I’ve been hearing the Nerdist TV show will be back on this year. Will we be seeing the return of the Mike Phirman One Man Band?

    Hope your journey home was a safe one!

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