Cleaning Out the Closet — “Your Wookie”

Chewbacca with a friggin' crossbow

I made this song on a 4-track in 1997. I’m posting it because… why have it on just my computer when there’s ONE Star Wars super fan out there who NEEDS TO HEAR IT?!

Download it by right-clicking HERE.

9 thoughts on “Cleaning Out the Closet — “Your Wookie”

  1. The download version isn’t working, it’s a 0 byte file! I think I had a similar problem with the last thing you’d posted this way, but I forgot to mention it. <_<;;

  2. I love it! I was casually listening and then I realized the beginning music sounded like the imperial march. Then I wondered if you’d ever finished the notes of it, and of course you did. I guess that might have been what made you think of doing the parody in the first place. “Never give you wookie nookie!” 😀
    Very funny!

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