28 thoughts on “Chicken Monkey Duck – THE VIDEO!

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  3. I recently saw Mr Phirman perform this song flawlessly at a live show and it was mighty impressive/funny.

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  5. OK now this song is stuck in my head like a brainworm. AND I went to Itunes immediately and bought the album…. none of these are a bad thing though. Can’t wait to infect friends and family with the comedy! The funny thing is, found you so accidentally. Followed @craigyferg, so I went to @nerdist podcast to hear Craig, subscribed and listened to all the podcasts and therefore found all sorts of other fun stuff including you!! my nerdiverse is expanding exponentially.

  6. Saw your perf at w00tstock @ Largo, a couple weeks back. You set this up earlier in your performance by mentioning these three animals as words you could use for something in a different context. I remember getting a better opening laugh over your song/video when it was a callback to an earlier bit.

    wtf was that bit?

  7. @wokka wokka: I started the set saying that comedy songs have gotten harder to do since a lot of people think that all you need to do to make a comedy song is put in the word “chicken, monkey, or duck” and boom you have a comedy song. Then, when I got to this song… callback!

    • Yeah, the song itself had me rolling. Then I found the video…the pictures make it EVEN BETTER, if that’s even POSSIBLE!!!!! This is my new favorites link for “when I’m having a bad day” !!!

  8. Thanks, you guys!

    @Humi, to share it on Facebook, click on the center of the video and then, when it starts playing, click the center of the video again. That should take you to the actual YouTube page, on which you’ll see the “Share” button. Click that, and, as the English say, you will then have an uncle named Bob.

    (If that doesn’t work, just search YouTube for “Chicken Monkey Duck”.)

  9. Now when my band does a mic check, we’ve replaced saying “mic check…check…check, check…1..2.. mic check…” with “Chicken Monkey Duck”.

    Thank you for turning something normally kind of tedious into something that makes us giggle like school girls.

    You rock!!

  10. @theredheaddiva: Nice! Maybe I’ll try the reverse one night and replace the words of the song with “mic check… check… check, 1, 2!” (This could be very confusing for the audience.) Thanks, tRHD!

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  14. Hi Mike!

    This is one of my favorite silly videos. I am teaching a class this month at WPI on web game programming and my example in-class is going to be “guess the order” of chicken monkey duck and it will link to the you tube video as a reward.

    What sort of additional attribution or links would you like me to show, and would you like a copy of the silly little game when its done? (It’ll be in PHP. If you would prefer just a link to play Ill have it up on my class website;)

    Oh, and finally, you wouldn’t happen to have an audio file of your saying the words “chicken”, “monkey’ and “duck” would you that I could rip for game feedback?



  15. Aaah! I’m sorry, Jeff—I’m afraid I didn’t see this in time!

    1) I love that you’re doing that!
    2) I’d love to see the game!
    3) If it’s not too late, I’ll certainly send you an .mp3 of just the words.
    4) Sorry again to leave you hanging.

    Thanks for the nod!

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