Sketching Sketchy Dudes

So, the other day, master cartoonist and very nice dude Len Peralta told me that he just used one of my songs—”Sketchy Dudes“—in one of his cartooning lessons. “!!!,” I emoted.

He was kind enough to post a couple of his favorites:

A big thanks to Len (aka @jawboneradio, creator of “Geek a Week” trading cards) for the nod, and “Bravo!” to my three new favorite artists in the entire world.

(Note: the last one was made by the very talented Shawn Sabourin, daughter of master songwriter and very funny dude Paul Sabourin (who is one half of my comedy music heroes, Paul and Storm (who have written songs about “Star Wars” (a film that features Harrison Ford (who was in “Working Girl” with Oliver Platt (who was in “Loverboy” with Kevin Bacon))))).)

Aha aha…

FIFA Announces “Nerd Cup Soccer”

LOS ANGELES, CA — FIFA announced Friday that for the first time in soccer history, nerds will not only be allowed to play the sport—they’ll have their own league.

Beginning on Monday, the organization will lift its ban on nerds, as well as introduce three new rules: (1) no physical contact, (2) when a goal is scored, the value shown on the polyhedral synthetic leather die will determine if the goal is valid, and (3) no casting vuvuzela missile at the darkness.

The Most Famous Car in Hollywood

93 Accord Headshot

A few years ago, I sold my favorite car: a 93 Honda Accord. I hated selling him—not only because he was the “Black Pearl” of the Fourth Generation of Accords, but because he happens to be one of the most famous cars in America. I mean it: YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE AMAZED by all the times you’ve seen him in movies and TV shows and didn’t realize you were looking at my ’93 Honda Accord.

Here are screen captures from some of his greater moments on the screen (in no particular order other than comedic heightening):

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