About Mike Phirman

Like many of you, my name is Mike. Each organ in my body evolved over millions of years to perform a very specific function, much like their cousin organisms in the ocean. Working together, we can't smell, but we can write a song.

Karaoke Night in the Cantina

Make a version of the song “West Coast” (by Coconut Records) in the style of the Star Wars cantina band, complete with singing aliens.


A big Thank You to Chris Hardwick and everyone at Nerdist, Jason Schwarzman (he is Coconut Records), Billy Dee Williams for stopping by Phirmilab (WHAAAAT?!), Dannah for being the voice of the Tonnika Sisters, Theresa Patten-Köckert for being the female half of the choir with me (at the end of the song), and Ben Burtt for being a genius.

(Ben Burtt is the sound designer for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Wall-E… everything with great sound and amazing voices. I’ve learned a lot about him and his work in the last few months, and he is now one of my heros. Check out his book “The Sounds of Star Wars” — it’s incredible!)

PS. I got to shoot Greedo! For no good reason!

Not This Time (the Kaiju Song)

Inspired by the film “PACIFIC RIM” (which you should see) and Joseph Scrimshaw’s album “FLAW FEST” (which you should hear), this song is a celebration of foolish optimism.

(*NOTE:  This is not a kid’s song.  It wouldn’t be terrible if they heard it, but it is about a movie that they’re probably not yet allowed to watch.)

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