Mike Phirman is incredibly uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person, so he is going to write his bio in the second person.

You’re from San Luis Obispo, California. You attended UCLA where you received a degree in Philosophy. After you graduated, you sold your car and used the money to hitchhike across Europe. When you came back to America, you worked as a visual effects artist for movies and TV. (Don’t tell anyone, but on one episode of C.S.I. in which the camera follows a spark that sets off a car bomb, if you play it frame-by-frame, the spark briefly spells out “Hi Mom!”)

You love folding laundry and were born without a sense of smell.

In 2010, you made a comedy music album called “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”.  You lost your mind when “Weird Al” Yankovic showed up to perform on one of the tracks.
(He’s one of the heroes that it’s actually good to meet.)

After having two kids, you shifted gears slightly and started recording songs that are about kids. That is, they’re songs that are kid-friendly, but at the same time, they can be listened to in the car by the whole family and (hopefully) the parents won’t want to find you and kill you.  You released an album of these in 2018 called “Songs to Sing at Children.”

Most recently, you googled the words “comedy musician bio what to write”—you found nothing helpful.

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  1. The clock on his desk ticked making precisely the same sound as a leaky faucet. In his mind it conjured a trite metaphor involving one’s life slipping down a drain a second and at a time, while simultaneously producing a mild urge to pee. It was an average Monday afternoon in an average man’s life and, instead of working, as he knew he ought to have been doing, he was leaving a nonsensical comment on Mike Phirman’s bio page. Noting that, when he posted it, it would be the first comment on said page he wanted to make it as bizarre as possible. Using a visualization technique he had learned during a bullshit weekend seminar one time he closed his eyes and pictured his intended result. Little cartoon people appeared in his mind’s eye: one was sitting on a bus looking at his comment on a cell phone; another was at a desk in a home office; another was in a coffee shop looking at a laptop. They were all looking at the comment that he was still in the process of writing and above all of their heads a collective thought bubble appeared. In the bubble a single, simple, involuntary sentiment was expressed: “WTF?”

    His reverie came to an abrupt halt as he suddenly he realized that the clock on his desk was digital. There was no way it could possibly be ticking. Horrified, he glanced around for the source of the noise. His eyes darted around his work area and settled on the cup overpriced coffee that he had purchased earlier that day. It had sprung a leak and was dripping lukewarm sugary brown liquid all over the outer casing of his computer. He knew that if wanted to salvage the situation before his computer shorted out he had only a few short seconds to act and so, as quickly as he could he leaped for his mouse and hit the button labeled “Post Comm

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  3. The difficulty in perpetuating the second person language when writing a response goes something like this, “You enjoyed your work with your friend and colleague, Chris Hardwick when you first discovered yourself on the Tube of You.” I think from this brief excerpt we (you, you, you, and you!, but not you) can agree that there are some severe limitations imposed by that format.

  4. Has there really been nothing posted in over a year? I find that inexplicable. Pls splain …. I blame Chris Hardwick. I bet he’s making a circle on his pants leg right now. Stop it Chris!

  5. I hope that someday you will be in a town near me so that I may be present to watch you perform comedy and/or songs and/or comedy-songs and/or song-comedies and/or melodic jokes with musical undertones and/or whimsical observations or suggestions that make you go “HA” which may or may not contain elements that could possibly be considered to be related to but not necessarily qualified as soundwaves in a particular order or arrangement for the purpose of eliciting feelings of gaiety and merriment in a jestful manner.

    And I just want to shake your hand because you seem like a really nice and funny guy.

    Love the songs and Instagrams. I hope you make more of those.

  6. Our family has so enjoyed listening to you on Kids Place Live and are going to miss hearing you daily! My son is super excited to have been on the air with Jack and also with you! And, not that the rest of the time wasn’t great, but today’s episode with Weird Al was phenomenal and had me cracking up (which, in turn, had my children wondering why their mother was crying and laughing while driving the ol’ minivan down the highway)…thanks again for doing so great in Jack’s place! Can’t wait to hear more music from you!

  7. It only made sense that weird Al was on that album, it is the best musical comedy album i’ve ever heard. I love weird al too but you took it to a new level for me. I hope I’ll get to see you live and I will make a donation in the near future. You are the man!

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